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The content here, is in addition to what can be found in my Linked-In profile.
The following Project-Highlights table enumerates some projects I was involved in and my role. Click to show in full-size.

You can find some small open-source projects /deliveries on my GitHub profile.

Projects, information-restricted by the corresponding software owners

  • Card-analytics project - 2014-2015, the Adastra's client is a huge Canadian and US retail company and bank with operations all over North America. PCI payment card industry strict DSS data security standards applied. Data Warehouse construction project. Technoloiges used - oracle (incl. PL/SQL), bash, Ataccama ETL tool, java. My role - production support, including change-requests development in any of the enumerated four technologies. Ensuring only positive impact, mitigation of the negative one.

Non-confidential projects, incl. some small deliveries

  • Bul term - 2009, 5/five lingual technical dictionary, ISO standards database. The web interface is in Bulgarian language. One five/5 min video (.swf format) for developers, showing some info about the technical implementation (java, jsp/servlets MVC, tomcat; mysql). Source-code files are pointed in home>Downloads section.

  • Test automation using Java and Selenium Web Driver - 2013, three/3 min video (.swf format).

  • EWTO members management - 2005, a small information system, incl. custom memberPassport-printing functionality. Made for Wingtsun-bg.com, Wingtsunwelt.com in Germany. Technologies used - Delphi IDE (object pascal), Firebird database.

  • Small app - 2013, functionality -> "Get data from MS Access db on Linux environment". Estimation met - 2 days. Scrshot AccessReaderProgram_CommandAndResult.png and java source-code files in home>Downloads section. Jackcess-2.0.3.jar open source API was used. Sample database file used - MONDIAL.accdb.

  • Instant messenger - 2003, a small application, sending instant messages based on TCP/IP protocol. Includes Java programming communication using TCP/IP sockets (peer-to-peer, listening for socket connections).

  • Log file monitoring - 2018, a small application. Estimation met - 1 day. On GitHub LogFileMonitoringPr_repo7.