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MilenPortret_mf.jpg Welcome to my blog (business card) on "IT > Computer Software apps and enterprise-level-systems"!

  • On this site you can find information about my professional experience, i.e. if and how could I add value to your business. Some content could look to you a bit + strange.
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  • The following is a one page CV using pdf format from (a BG company). Click on the image to show the doc in full-size.


  • December2016 - It was my pleasure to lead a seminar /workshop on TestAutomation using Selenium and TestNg in - 03 Dec screen shot.
  • June2016 - I found a bug in MochaHost hosting company's billing software... Currently, I use and



I prefer the following technology-set (click on the image to see it in full-size):

Feel free to look in home>assets for certificates, recommendations and more.

My definition of Seniority: Very good hands-on skills with specific technology-set. Some engineers could realize, that their leader(s) is not perfect, but still they manage to keep their respect /self-motivation strong and growing.

My definition of Leadership: Same as for Seniority plus the skill to get out the best qualities from the people around you. This happens by admiring /loving them and at the same time provoking /challenging them. In other words, the well-known operational, middle-level and senior management corresponding to --> conceptual skills from 1 to 3, communication skills =3, technical skills from 3 to 1.

I like "Applying UML and Patters", a book of Craig Larman. In todays world, one iteration /sprint could take one-two /1-2 weeks, for example. The table on the right is one excerpt (dated 2001) out of the book It shows nine /9 SDLC activities. Some more content from the book, can be found here "home>projects>IT processes, standards>SCRUM and other...". upDisciplines.png

Non-IT interests -> yoga, sports and walking in Nature with family, applied psychology, business development and leadership, corporate finances, music movies.