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Let's start here with the same small sample presented in "home>projects> Test automation using Java and Selenium..." section.
This is also relevant -> "home>academy>Case-study projects", project three/3.

Often, you have the following environments - dev-qa-preProd-prod.
The DEV team deliveries (devEnv) + CI continuous integration (for example, Jenkins) + the QA team deliveries (qaEnv) can run on preProd using !!!production-like (but security-non-sensitive, big volume) data. Also, performance testing with JMeter (for example) should be included and run on PrePROD.

This should be an integrated (fully-automated on preProd, risk-mitigative) part of the release /promotion process.
The deliveries should /must conform to strict quality metrics on many control points. Providing SaaS has its challenges.


  • A "Cucumber-JVM Hello world!" tutorial with Java and Maven by Thomas Sundberg. Cucumber is a BDD (behaviour driven dev) framework.
  • A tutorial about CucumberBDD, Capybara and [Poltergeist (a driver for PhantomJS)], instead of Selenium-WD.
  • Cucumber-JVM in parallel?
The first two tutorials were found here "Tutorials and Related Blog Posts".

TBD, more content /deliveries here, scrshots (architecture...), source-code samples, etc.