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Build /construct database schemas

No matter, if you need:
- transactional (normalized) database for your OperationalSystem development project OR
- IM field, DW (normalized) database for your DecisionSupportSystem OR
- IM field, DataMart (de-normalized, i.e. star/snowflake) database for your DecisionSupportSystem
You can do it, model, execute DDLs and have all DB schemas for your needs.

Implement ETL systems, IM field

To implement the following projects, you will need ETL logic executable:
- DW and dataMarts for your BI tool analytics;
- MDM master data management and DQ data quality purposes.
You can do it, using ODI oracle data integrator and oracle scheduler.
Of course, you can write more PL/SQL code to implement the ETL logic, instead of using ODI. But usually, the ODI (or othe ETL tool) code/deliverables are easier to be supported (naturally documented) and less error-prone. Besides, eventually, the stakeholders (client and managers) will be more independent of key developer-employees.


A nice PL/SQL tutorial.