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NYI projects list

This section is planned to hold four open-source projects, which are not developed yet (NYI not yet implemented) and the ETA is not defined. This is mainly for learning purposes, for the visitors of ImproveOne>Academy section. The source-code will be available in home>Downloads section and on GitHub.

Project 1: Improvement of the "home>projects>BUL_TERM" project. This could include transformation from "java, jsp/servlets MVC, tomcat; mysql" to "javaEE, spring MVC, tomcat /jboss, hibernate ORM; mysql".

Project 2: An ETL system, which builds DW for a bank, containing some not-real BankCardsPayments-relevant data (transactions, fraud...). Let's call this project "TatyaBank_cardPayments_csProject2".

Project 3: An application for QA-TA of "home>projects>BUL_TERM" project. This, using java+selenium+ JenkinsCI, CucumberBDD+JUnit. Also, some "home>academy>IT processes, standards> DevOps practices" could be involved.

Project 4: MDM and DQ of the data from "Project 2". Some simulations will be necessary to produce poor-quality data...

Projects one/1 and three/3 are relevant to "home>academy>Glossary>Operational Systems" field. Not exactly, because Bul_term project is not an Enterprise-level software, but just a small web app.
Projects two/2 and four /4 are relevant to "home>academy>Glossary>Information Management" field.